Beginner`s course in kayaking 4-6 May


Do you want to learn more about the joys of kayaking? Our Beginner`s Course will teach you all the basic resque- and paddle techniques you need to keep on kayaking after the course is completed. The beginner`s course has a duration of 16 hours, and we spend a total of two days together. 

Included in the course

You will be introduced to the kayak and the equipment. After completing the course you will know how to manouver the kayak, use the padle and the safety equipment. In addition you will know the basic resque techniques.

  • Lift, carry, launch and get seated in the kayak
  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Rearing and stopping
  • Moving the kayak sideways
  • Paddle techniques
  • Turning
  • Get back on to land
  • Securing the kayak
  • Resque techniques
  • Preventing injury
  • How to plan a paddling trip
  • Safety on the water
  • Outdoor life
  • Leave no trace


NOK 2950,- per person

Torunn Todal Laberg